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Maisey - RIP 10/1/2022

Maisey - RIP 10/1/2022

Welcoming Committee

RIP 10/1/2022

Maisey McCune is an English Springer Spaniel. In her role as the Welcoming Committee, she greets clients when they come to the office.

Maisey was born on July 3, 2012 in Exeter, Rhode Island at Speedway Kennels. Since that time, she has been honing her people and greeting skills. She is a graduate of My Dog's Mind in Hampton, NH and has earned her Canine Good Citizen degree. She is currently continuing her studies and working toward advanced degrees. She is very adept at saying hello, and giving kisses upon request. Her favorite activity is to sit and have someone pet her. She will do tricks upon request, and enjoys dog biscuits for rewards. If you would like to contact her directly, the easiest way is to bring her a bone.